DESIGN EXCHANGE for a very deserving single mother

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We are a team of designers and architects who have created a unique business model for funding pro-bono design projects for the underserved called DESIGN EXCHANGE.  Our backgrounds range from high-end residential, workplace interiors, graphics and branding, furniture design and production to luxury retail.


DESIGN EXCHANGE is a business model for social innovation created by Sean Carlson Perry.  We provide design and architectural services for residential and commercial clients at market rate.  For every project completed, we donate a project to an individual or organization in need.  We allow the client to choose the DESIGN EXCHANGE recipient, and follow the project through completion.  We provide space planning, furniture, furnishings and cosmetic upgrades for the DESIGN EXCHANGE recipient.


Although the American Medical Association recognizes the importance of aesthetics and healing, this issue has not yet been addressed in the rehabilitation of people outside of medical facilities on any level.  Individuals who are in or coming out of shelters and getting back on their feet are in the process of healing too.  Within the design and architecture field there has been great focus on Design in Healthcare.  I think we need to take what we know about healthcare design and apply it to the environments of those who are struggling to heal their lives.  Neuro-scientists and psychologists have proven that the aesthetics of one’s surroundings directly affect our decisions, emotional responses, and the way we feel about ourselves.  One’s sense of self is challenged through traumatic experiences such as being abused, homeless, or in an institution.   A person’s home/living environment acts as the foundation for building a life.  By providing someone with a well-designed environment, we improve their quality of life, their outlook, and their self esteem; increasing their chances of success.  The Mission of DESIGN EXCHANGE is to provide those who have little to nothing with an environment that fosters growth, development, and a sense of well being.  DESIGN EXCHANGE creates prosperous environments for those in need.  We are strengthening communities one project at a time.


We work differently.  We utilized the country’s best Lean Six Sigma Consultants to help us develop and refine our business model.  Utilizing Lean Design methods (eliminating overproduction, delays, waste and extra processing) allows us integrate this model of social innovation (DESIGN EXCHANGE). Ten (10) percent of every dollar into the firm goes to a DESIGN EXCHANGE project for the underserved.

We provide design and architectural services for residential and commercial clients at market rate.  Ten (10) percent of every dollar into the firm is donated to DESIGN EXCHANGE.  Our client chooses the recipient from our list of projects.  In addition, we donate our design services for the DESIGN EXCHANGE project.  DESIGN EXCHANGE is unique in that it not only enables our clients the opportunity to give back to the community, adding deeper value to a project, it also allows the client to establish a relationship, if desired, with the DESIGN EXCHANGE recipient.  We have established (and are currently adding) partnerships with various non-profit organizations in the Greater New York City area.  We work with a wide variety of non-profits who serve senior citizens, families in need, and the LGBTQ community.  We have  partnered with furniture and furnishing manufacturers to help defray the costs and increase effectiveness of funds for DESIGN EXCHANGE projects.


We complete DESIGN EXCHANGE projects in concert with our paying client’s project.

We are always exploring new ways to partner with other community building non-profit organizations, businesses, and others in the industry.  Contact us to join the mission.

Design with Social Impact

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